Can Water be a Cure for Migraine ?


It might sound little too easy but drinking lots of water might be a great cure for migraine. Based on a brand new discovery published in the European Journal of Neurology, individuals who experience migraine headaches, particularly in hot weather, must drink plenty of water to stop dehydration, which is really a substantial factor that causes migraine attacks. Moreover, drinking lots of water can decrease the intensity and duration of attack, the study suggests.

The human body is 65% water. Merely put, dehydration occurs because of excessive loss of water from the body - when we lose much more water than we take in. It is a bit much more complicated than that because during dehydration, body loses useful electrolytes also. Although usually water deprivation isn't great for anybody because the whole body runs on water, dehydration is not a recognized and well studied as well as established precipitant of migraine attack.

In this specific study, the researchers examined whether increased water consumption in migraine patients would help stop future migraine attacks. 18 subjects volunteered for this study and they had been divided into two groups. The very first group received a placebo medication, whilst the second group was instructed to drink two extra liters of water on top of their regular consumptions each day. Following 12 weeks of this experimental therapy, every group had their migraine headache symptoms measured. The outcomes of this study reported that the group that increaed its water consumption, decreased their total hours of headaches in a two-week period by twenty hours. This group also had a substantial reduction in the intensity of their headache pain.

But why dehydration causes migraine triggers? Fist, our nerves that are tiny water pathways, send signals to control each and every component of our body. Lack of water thickens the fluid inside nerves and as a result the signals get distorted. Distorted signals can trigger migraine. Additionally, water usually carries toxins away from cellsand tissues. With out adequate water, toxins build up and trigger inflammation to nerves. Inflamed nerves are potent migraine triggers.

Not only Water is an essential transport method, but it also plays an active role in body chemistry. For instance, the liver utilizes water to metabolize fats into usable energy. With out sufficient water, there will probably be a lack of energy to power numerous cell pumps that keep migraine triggers from overwhelming neurons within the brain and causing a migraine.

Learning to prevent and to recognize dehydration is essential to reduce migraine severity and frequency. It may not produce a cure for migraine but consuming plenty of water keeps migraine away.